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Did you Know?

Did you know... that the human foot has 18 muscles and 52 bones?

When our feet hurt, we hurt all over.
- Socrates

          At Foot Therapy Canada, our focus is on enhancing quality of life for our patients by reducing or eliminating pain and improving mobility and endurance through the careful and correct use of orthotics. However, chiropodists are able to provide treatments ranging from routine nail care to nail surgery, and from mechanical correction of gait and posture to invasive surgical techniques.

Not all patients are good candidates for orthotics. During your initial visit to a Foot Therapy Canada clinic, one of our chiropodists will conduct a full assessment of your feet and take a full history of your foot problems. He or she will then discuss appropriate treatment options with you.

If custom orthotics are prescribed, the chiropodist or assistant will make molds of your feet to send to our supplier. Once your orthotics have been constructed and sent to our clinic, you will be contacted to make an appointment to come in and have your orthotics fitted. It is very important that the fit of your orthotics be assessed to make sure that they properly address the condition and treatment goals for your feet. At that time you will also be instructed on how to adaptto wearing your orthotics and what to expect from their use.